About Ana

My neighborhood growing up in Chicago was a United Nations of ethnic diversity. All my friends had a foreign language spoken at home... Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew and no one thought twice about it. America is a melting pot my Dad would say, so having Cuban parents and all the animation that implies was par for the course. My mother was born the daughter of a French diplomat assigned to the Cuba of a bygone era and was raised speaking Spanish and French. She was a schoolteacher there in her youth and brought to Chicago her textbooks that she would later put to use on me. As a kid I can remember crying as I watched my friends play outside the kitchen window, but she stubbornly insisted there would be no playtime until I had completed my Spanish and French lessons. Clearly it was a gift for which I thank her today. My childhood was steeped with music, dancing, laughter and the divine aroma of my mother's extraordinary culinary skills.


Watching the Miss USA pageant was a family affair at my house. My Dad would always lean over to tell me I would be there one day. His job transferred my family to Phoenix while I was in high school and shortly thereafter I became a Miss USA finalist representing Arizona. After the pageant I was offered modeling contracts in Europe and later in Japan so after graduating from The University of Arizona I embraced the opportunity to indulge my cultural curiosity abroad.


As I worked my way west to Los Angeles, modeling led to acting and a healthy run on soaps and television. I married my college sweetheart and had a daughter of my own. It was important for me to devote the same attention to her that I had known as a child so I took a break from my career.


Strength derived from experience guides me today as I continue my artistic journey. Supported by my work with Diana Castle at The Imagined Life and my expert representation at VCA, I look forward to seeing what this next chapter will bring.